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POW MIA 2019 Ceremony

We are honoring 82,000 servicemen and women who went off to war since WWII, but have not yet returned home or been accounted for. Every year, we have a remembrance... View Article

BONNEY WATSON Relocates the Operations of Southwest Mortuary

BONNEY WATSON is and always has been a family-owned business, serving families in the Puget Sound area since 1868. Our mission is to provide meaningful service and exceptional care, and our goal is to strive to provide all possible amenities for families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones... View Article

Not Just Another Saturday

Saturday was overbooked for me to begin with. Our church garage sale setup started at 7am. At 10am, my parents had an appointment to enroll for their medical and dental insurance, with me along to translate even if they spoke perfectly good English. Then at 12pm to practice a song... View Article